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Triumphant Return after Successful Sea Trial of One 50V/999P Ro-Pax Ferry (TK0436)

2019-6-11 8:46:49
  In the morning of May 24, one 50 V / 999 P Ro-Pax Ferry (TK0436) built for Guangdong Shuangtai Shipping Group triumphantly returned back to shipyard wharf after four-day successful sea trial with more than 20 tasks been completed such as Main Engine Loading Test, Fin Stabilizer Test and Tele-communication etc. The ferry is expected to be delivered soon and will be operated in the trading route between Hai’an Guangdong and Haikou Hainan in Qiongzhou Strait.
  The Main Particulars of the Vessel: Loa: 125.7M; Lbp: 119.00M; Bm: 20.91M; Dm: 6.5M; Design Draft: 4.45M; Design Speed: 13.5 Knots; Class: CCS.